What is This ?

This package attempts to handle cookies in Tcl HTTP client. This module is implementation of the Netscape cookies. Currently it supports Netscape specification only. I was inspired by Perl's HTTP::Cookies and Python's cookielib. But this is simpler and easier to use than those.


package require http
package require cookiejar
set tok [http::geturl http://www.hogehoge.com]

That's all. Cookies were stored and send automatically by cookiejar. The activity of cookiejar is hidden from user's eyes. So you don't need to confirm exchanges of cookies. But if you want to see it, make info option true.

cookiejar::configure -info 1

Then you can see cookie exchanges on tclsh shell.
There are some more commands. download it and see manual.


http://reddog.s35.xrea.com/software/cookiejar-0.2.1.zip http://reddog.s35.xrea.com/software/cookiejar-0.2.1.tar.gz


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