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TkSQLite is a GUI database manager for SQLite implemented by Tcl/Tk. It can manage SQLite version2.8 and SQLite version3.x database. And it can handle many encodings like Shift-JIS, EUC-JP and Windows native milti-byte encodings not only UTF-8. And it can run on Windows and Linux and MacOSX as native Look & Feel. And it's Freeware.



Tablelist4.5+ is still required by tksqlite 0.4. But tksqlite 0.5 requires Treectrl2.1+ instead of Tablelist.

ActiveTcl has all of these precompiled extensions. I really recommend to install it if you are not familiar with tcl/tk environment.


remove tksqlite.tcl and, rm ~/.tksqlite on linux or %APPDATA%/tksqlite/.tksqlite on windows


New BSD style license.


ver0.5 English version on Vista

TkSQLite version 0.5 on Vista

ver0.4 Japanese version on Linux

TkSQLite version 0.4 on FedoraCore1


Note: Please take care of compatibility of file format.
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Key Binding

Import/Export CSV


TkSQLite have many user functions emulated some other DB's functions. See SQLite user function.

Loading tcl script functions.

tksqlite 0.5 can load tcl script functions. The interface is tclsqlite. You can access the db command. It is just a sqlite database command. But don't use another sub commands except for db function, because the command is used by tksqlite. Don't rename and free the command too.

The loading process is

  1. db is opened.
  2. default sqlite functions is installed.
  3. registerd tcl scripts are sourced.


proc plusProc {a b} {
    if {[string is double $a] && [string is double $b]} {
        return [expr {$a + $b}]
    return [append a $b]
db function plus plusProc

Register this script in Preference Dialog, and check Enable. Then open a database file and You can use the plus func.

select plus(1,1)

returns 2

select plus(1, 'abc')

returns '1abc'

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